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  • CLARINS White Plus Brightening Emulsion 75ml

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    Clarins White Plus Brightening Emulsion (75 ml)

    The emulsion which is delicate and smooth to the skin, giving the skin like a velvety soft feeling, staying shiny throughout the day with the healthy luster. Moisturizing and soothing at once, perfectly embodies the cherry's cure for freckles.

    Product Features:
    • Cherry extract helps suppressing melanin and preventing the future freckles.
    • Soft texture, such as velvety supple, suitable for all kinds of skin.
    • For freckles and melanin formation, regain the whitening and shiny skin.

    Ingredients :
    • Needle Cherry Essence: Suppresses melanin and prevents future freckles.

    How to use :
    Apply morning and night, slightly pat on the face and neck.