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  • CYBER COLORS Precision Concealer Brush (Nylon) 1pc

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    Cyber Colors Precision Concealer Brush (Nylon) (1pc)

    Cyber Colors Precision Concealer Brush (Nylon) is handmade with high-quality nylon in Kumano-cho, Japan, it’s very soft in texture, bristles feel pleasant on the skin, specifically for applying and blending liquid or cream concealer, helps you to cover most of the subtle flaws accurately, such as small flaws of the eyes and fine lines, modify the imperfection and finish with thin and natural coverage!

    Product Features:
    • Handmade in Japan: The Brush is handmade in Kumano-cho, Japan and the high-quality is guaranteed.
    • Soft touch: Nylon is soft in texture, with squared tip, ideal for applying liquid or cream concealers.
    • Outstanding makeup effect: Easy to use, the soft synthetic fibres do not absorb the product but leave it on the skin for flawless coverage.