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  • FINE Natto Kinase 240capsules

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    Fine Natto Kinase (240 Tablets)

    This product is in line with international quality management system certification ISO9001. Natto (fermented soybeans) in the viscous substance containing enzyme called natto kinase, this kinase is important for health.

    Product Features:
    • Blood health: this is packed with Natto Kinase and red yeast to help preventing high blood pressure and maintain smooth blood flow.
    • Suitable for middle-aged people: it helps to maintain the health of the internal organs.
    • Bestselling: it is popular among in Japan in overseas as it is effective in relieving 3 high – high blood pressure, high cholesterol and hyperglycemia.

    • Natto Kinase: helping to relieve 3 high problems
    • Red Yeast: helping to prevent blood problems

    How to use:
    Morning and evening, take 10 tablets daily with lukewarm water.