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    mumo®DNA DAY+NIGHT WHITE LOCK(Face+Body) is successfully created using cutting-edge technology after 2 years of research regarding the regeneration capability of nucleic acid DNA. The product is especially formulated for Asian women to provide whitening and anti-aging effects. It helps to brighten complexion of the whole body and increase one’s anti-oxidation capability.
    The product comes with daytime and nighttime pills to provide best results. It is also added with various special complex ingredients such as SG extracted from pine bark (originated from France), sweet orange skin extract, black pepper extract, l-cysteine, astaxanthin, resveratrol, placenta extract, eggshell and vitamin C inductor etc. These anti-oxidation ingredients provide additional effects on suppressing
    melanin and the formation of dark spots, allowing the product to deliver ongoing 24-hr whitening and spot fading results.

    The effects of the product is confirmed by 258 trial users and endorsed by 12 medical and skincare professionals. Using the product consecutively will restore the whiteness and radiance of your skin. Apart from glowing with charm, your skin will be effectively protected from damage of sunlight. The product can be compared to the oral version of whitening cream and sunscreen.
    Product Effects
    Comes with 2 pills — one especially designed for daytime, and the other nighttime. The design increases, extends and multiplies the whitening effect of the product, offering whiter and brighter skin.
    Daytime Use: Promotes regeneration of cells; whitens and fades dark spots; removes acnes and beautifies skin; suppresses melanin; provides resistance to sunlight and oxidation; increases the repairing capability of skin
    Nighttime Use: Provides resistance to free radicals, oxidation, acidification and saccharification; maintains moisture of skin; improves elasticity and sleeping quality
    Product features
    Double effects for more comprehensive whitening
    - It can not only restore your skin to whiteness and brightness but also prevent the formation of pigments. It works like an edible whitening sun block!
    The most assorted skin enhancing ingredients in the market
    - it contains multiple selected skin enhancing ingredients resulting in multiplied effects compared with similar products.
    Proven product effects
    - The effectiveness of the products has been confirmed by 258 trial users and endorsed by 12 medical and skincare professionals.
    Quality assurance
    - Products are made with rigorously selected ingredients and produced under a quality control system complying ISO9001, with a production flow and manufacturing facilities at GMP standard, Heavy Metals Determination, Microbial Evaluation & Nutrition Information testing report approved by SGS.
    Focused major effects
    ‧Restore skin to brightness and whiteness
    ‧Whiten skin by combating free radicals and oxidation
    ‧Tackle stubborn spots
    ‧Prevent formation and deposition of pigment
    ‧Facilitate skin metabolism
    ‧Prevent moisture loss from skin

    Major ingredients Daytime Pill: Nucleic acid DNA, l-cysteine, low-molecular collagen, sweet orange skin extract, black pepper extract, vitamin C inductor, green tea polyphenol, brewer's yeast, rosehip powder, pomegranate extract. Nighttime Pill: astaxanthin, resveratrol, placenta extract, eggshell, SG extracted from pine bark, vitamin E, red wine polyphenol, grapeseed oil, soluble pearl powder from Ise, Japan.

    How To Use:
    Method of use Take 3 daytime pills in the morning daily; in the evening, take 3 nighttime pills. Take with water. Suggested basic course: Use 3 boxes (90 days) consecutively to achieve exceptional effects.