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  • SVELTY Black Ginger 150 Tablets

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    Svelty Black Ginger (150 Tablets)

    Enriched with 5 black anti-oxidants and fat-burning ingredients, this supplement is to promote metabolism and helpful in shaping curvy and good-looking body.

    Product Features:
    • Anti-oxidant: formulated with effective anti-oxidant ingredients, such as black garlic and black onion, this supplement helps to combat signs of aging.
    • Fat-burning: it helps to promote metabolism and hence burn more fat, which is beneficial for curvier and firmer body shape.
    • Suitable people: it is good for people who lack of exercise, with low metabolism and always dine out.

    • Black Ginger, Black Garlic, Black Onion, Black Pepper, Vinegar Extract: helping to burn more fat.

    How to use:
    5 tablets a day after meal.