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  • DEONATULLE Soft Stone Double Color Control 20g

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    【Deonatulle Soft Stone Double Color Control 20g】

    Adding a natural deodorizing ingredient " Alum stone" to suppress perspiration and odor, effectively preventing odors and suppressing sweat odor, "direct application" type antiperspirant and deodorant, with the function of modifying the underarms dullness of the skin, as long as it is directly applied to sweat and odor areas, will bring a long-lasting, refreshing feeling.

    Product Features:
    ● Convenient and practical: "Directly applied" style can make the ingredients more effectively adhere to the skin.
    ● Light texture: Light texture, easy to push, no stickiness after application, and as long as it is evenly applied, no white marks will leave on skin.
    ● Long-lasting freshness: After smearing in the morning, the effect can last until at night. The active ingredients can be tightly applied to the skin without applying it over and over again, lasting and comfortable!

    How to use:
    When you want to solve sweat and odor, apply it evenly to the trouble spots.