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  • BIFESTA Cleansing Liquid 220ml

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    【Bifesta Cleansing Liquid 220ml】

    Bifesta Cleansing Liquid

    • Powerful cleansing without the oily feeling!
    • For those who love the power of oil but hate the grimy, oily feeling or hassle of having to double wash!
    • Formulated with mascara dissolving agent to easily melt off waterproof makeup while clearing dirt and residue from deep within pores. Made up of 80% water & moisturizing agents (hyaluronic acid) for a clean, supple after wash feeling.

    How To Use:
    Massage suitable amount of cleansing liquid (about a 5 dollar coin’s size) onto face, rinse off after make-up is dissolved. No need to use facial wash products to avoid washing off the moisture retaining factor. For heavy make-up, it is recommended to use with dry hand.