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  • COLLISTAR Multi-Active Deodorant 24 Hours 75ml

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    Collistar Multi-Active Deodorant 24 Hours (75ml)

    A long-lasting and effective deodorant to leave a protective film to reveal its anti-bacterial and anti-perspirant properties. Even suitable for the delicate skin aftershave.

    Product Features:
    ● Deodorant and anti-bacterial: formulated with antibacterial active principle, skin is protected against bacteria and free from odor.
    ● Soothing and hydrating: enriched with chamomile and oat milk, skin is calmed and hydrated. The underarm areas are softened and soothed, which makes it suitable to use aftershave.
    ● Refreshing texture: the menthol helps to provide a cool and icy sensation, promoting freshness after sweating.

    ● Antibacterial Active Principle: maintaining personal hygiene
    ● Chamomile Extract, Oat Milk: hydrating, soothing and softening
    ● Menthol: refreshing after sweating