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  • OLAY Moisturizing Cream 100g

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    Olay Moisturizing Cream(100g)

    Olay Moisturizing Cream combines moisturizing formula and contains Olay moisturizing ingredients similar to young skin, light and non-greasy, can quickly penetrate and replenish Moisturizes the skin, tightens and softens the skin, makes the skin smoother, and makes the skin look younger.

    Features of the product:
    • Helps prevent dry lines caused by lack of water on the skin, deeply moisturizes the skin to restore elasticity and delay skin aging.
    • Fight against dryness, help the skin regulate moisture balance, and continue to hydrate and moisturize.
    • Gentle, moisturizing but not greasy formula, will not clog pores.
    • Mild in nature, free of fragrances and pigments, tested by skin experts, suitable for sensitive skin.