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Dr.G Royal Black Snail Set

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Dr.G Royal Black Snail Set (6PCS)

This set containing anti-aging black snail mucus and black bee honey extracts, revealing the revitalizing power to create a youthful and resilient skin condition.

The set contains:

Royal Black Snail Ampoule (30ml)
This intensive ampoule provides an instant and effective treatment to skin. Formulated with 65% of black snail mucus, it helps to promote skin elasticity and activate skin cell activities, leaving skin dewy and youthful.

Royal Black Snail First Essence (20ml+165ml)
With 75% of black snail mucus to replace water, this essence water is nourishing and penetrating skin fast to form a moisture veil on skin for a constant hydration, reveal radiance and smoothness.

Royal Black Snail Cream Mask (16g)
This mask provides an instant repair to skin with the signature black snail extracts. It helps to revitalize skin cells and form a protective moisture veil on skin, promoting a wrinkle-free and dewy complexion.

Royal Black Snail Cream (50ml)
One of the bestsellers of the line, this cream is formulated with 20% of black snail mucus, implementing with pearl powder, it helps to brighten and nourish skin. From time to time, skin is boosted and resilience and radiance for a youthful complexion. With the massaging applicator, micro-circulation is boosted on face for better absorption.

Royal Black Snail Eye Cream (30ml)
An all-round eye cream to tackle signs of aging, this eye cream helps to blur lines and wrinkles, brighten eye contours and promote delicate skin texture. With extraordinary revitalizing skin, skin on eye contours will be improved and becoming youthful and firm.

Common Ingredients:
• Black Snail Mucus: nourishing and anti-aging
• Royal Jelly Collagen: promoting suppleness and skin revitalizing
• Black Bee Honey Extract: strengthening skin barrier

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