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  • JAPAN GALS ligo & Fibre 30piece

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    Japan Gals Oligo & Fibre (5gx30pcs)

    Oligo, bifidus, fibre and other ingredients maintain intestinal stability and reduce oil accumulation to keep body fit.

    Product Features :
    • Containing oligo and bifidus, accumulation of oil is reduced and the breaking down of carbohydrates enhanced to lower its absorption, making body lightweight.
    • Rich fibre ingredients stabilise gut environment and improve constipation, achieving dream weight.
    • Soluble powder allows easy mixing with meals and drinks. Colourless and tasteless nature does not alter the texture of food for easy consumption.

    • Oligo, fibre :Alleviating discomfort after drinking, burning more energy

    How to use:
    Once to twice a day, one sachet each time.