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  • Avance
  • Lash Serum Eyeliner EX Black 1pc

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    Avance Lash Serum Eyeliner EX (Black) (1pc)

    Drawing eyelines and caring lashes at the same time! Rich in signature abrasion-, sebum- and sweat-resistant lashes serum maintains a clean eye makeup for the whole day, easily removed with lukewarm water for the convenience of city beauties!

    Product Features:
    • Easy Removal : High concentration serum draws eyelines and cares for lashes at the same time. Makeup is easily removed in contact with lukewarm water.
    • Highly Maneuverable : Smooth and pointed tip facilitates desired drawing and flexibility, freely adjusting thickness to personal liking. Water-proof formula ensures lasting makeup, avoid blending.
    • Hydrating : Polyquaternium-51 mildly hydrates and locks in moisture in skin and hair for luster; panthenyl ethyl ether, a kind of vitamin B, replenishes moisture and cares for tender eye muscles and lashes.

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    Ingredients:br>• Polyquaternium-51 : Retaining moisture, hydrating
    • Panthenyl Ethyl Ether : Hydrating and caring

    How to use:
    Draw eyeliner from inner to outer corner of eyes, fill the gap between lashes, extending lashes to corner of eyes.