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FANCL Veggie Supplement 150Tablets

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Fancl Veggie Supplement (150 Tablets)

Perfect for busy urbanities! This supplement is enriched of 18 anti-oxidant and effective vegetable extracts, promote skin and digestive health. 5 tablets a day keeps the doctor away!

Product Features:
• Anti-oxidant and nutritious: formulated with 18 vegetable extracts, such as tomato, carrot, onion and broccoli, it replenishes essential daily minerals and vitamins for an excellent anti-oxidation property.
• Helpful for improving digestive health: with different nutrients from vegetable, it helps to promote health of the digestive system for a better effect in detoxification, which improves skin and health.
• Well preserved nutrition: the production is under FSQ standard. Implementing with patented extraction method, the nutrients in the vegetable powder are well preserved and free from preservatives.

Ingredients :
• 18 Vegetable Extract: anti-oxidant and replenishing nutrients

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