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  • BARRIER REPAIR Anti-Pollution Masks – Acne Skin 5pcs

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    Barrier Repair Anti-Pollution Masks – Acne Skin (5PCS)

    Specially designed for acne skin, this mask is formulated with plant extracts to tackle clogged and large pores, prevent blackheads and external stimuli, leaving skin stable and soothed.

    Product Features:
    • Anti-pollution: formulated with plant extracts, this mask protects skin against harmful sources such as PM2.5, air pollutants and blue ray, leaving skin soothed and resilient.
    • Acne care: specially designed for acne skin, with added artichoke extract, it helps to prevent pore clog and skin dullness, leaving skin clean and soothed.
    • Gentle application: free from alcohol, mineral oil, coloring etc., this mask is soft and friendly to skin, allowing effectively penetration of essence to skin.

    Ingredients :
    • Anti-pollution plant formula: soothing and balancing
    • Artichoke: repairing acne skin and preventing pore clogging