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  • FANCL Men All-In-One Skin Conditioner II 60ml

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    Fancl Men All-In-One Skin Conditioner II (60ml)

    Gentle and skin-friendly, this 3-in-1 skin conditioner helps to retain moisture, balance skin and prevent skin aging for revealing men charisma.

    Product Features:
    • 3-in-1 formula: it combines the effects of retaining moisture, oil-control and anti-aging effects, saving time and effort for skincare procedures.
    • Skin-balancing: it helps balance sebum and moisture level for a soothed and refreshed skin complexion.
    • Nourishing: with various plant extracts, such as Rice Ferment Filtrate, Soapberry Extract, Licorice Derivatives, this conditioner is rich in amino acids and minerals to nourish and combat signs of aging.

    • Soapberry Extract: balancing and nourishing