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  • DHC Natural Vitamin E (Soybean) 60Tablets

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    DHC Natural Vitamin E (Soybean) (60 Tablets)

    Vitamin E is known as the ‘rejuvenating vitamin’ to combat against free radicals to prevents cells and skin from oxidation. The extraction from soy bean is healthy and free from calories concern.

    Product Features:
    ● Stable extraction: this supplement is formulated with natural d-a tocopherol, which is stable and highly-efficient for its anti-oxidant ability.
    ● Anti-oxidant: it is oil-soluble to prevent oxidation for cells and skin, which is crucial to our immune system and prevent ageing.
    ● Health management: suitable for middle-aged and elderly users who lack vegetable intake and ladies who have dry and ageing skin.

    Ingredients :
    ● Vitamin E: anti-oxidant

    How to use :
    Once a day after meal.