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HUDA BEAUTY Eyeshadow Rose Quartz Palette 1pc

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Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Rose Quartz Palette (1pc)

Rosy palette comprising 18 shimmering colours specifically designed for Asians to mix and match, a unique eye makeup is decorated with bright and laminating powder and mixing colours for exuding elegance.

Product Features :
• Fit for Asian skin tone, the lowly saturated pink tone is specialised for creating the gentle and elegant rosy aura of teenage girls.
• Pearlescent glowing crystal palettes adorn eye makeup with the glitter and dazzle of crystal.
• Metallic texture looks natural on layered application, inspiring makeup with colours incorporated into daily routine.
• Palettes in various matching patterns of fragmented crystal, marble, etc. to create layering, owning individual shimmering makeup.

How to use:
Step 1: Use brush to pick up eyeshadow powder
Step 2: Apply on upper eyelids, carefully and slowly spread out layer by layer
Step 3: Apply on lower eyelids