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Nourishing double-up! The set contains 4 kinds of CICA masks that gives you double moisturizing effect and helps to restore healthy tender skin every day.

The Set Contains

VT CICA Mask (10PCS)

CICA Mask holds a large amount of essence, including 1,000ppm of high concentration of CICA Centella balm, Chamomile, Fairy fruit extract and Moroccan nut oil, etc. Its lightweight mask texture can supply enough water to your skin, calm and refine skin in effect.

Product Features:
● The patented gauze seal mask is lightweight and thin, it is comfortable to use, and the nutrients can effectively penetrated to the bottom of skin.
● Suitable for all skin type, especially suitable for sensitive skin, to soothes redness, leaving skin supple and plump.
● Contains 1,000ppm of CICA Centella balm, Chamomile, Fairy Fruit Extract and Moroccan Argan Oil, etc. to exert deep moisturizing, repairing, soothing, and calming effects on the skin, so as to quench the thirst for dry skin and infuses moisture into skin.

VT CICA Moisture Mask (1PC)

With intensive moisture system, it provides enough moisture to your skin.

VT CICA Nutrition Mask (1PC)

With intensive enrichment system, it soothes your skin and keeps moisture well.

VT CICA Tone-up Mask (1PC)

With intensive toning system, it helps to boost skin luster.

How to use :
Apply the mask sheet onto the face after cleansing and toning. Leave it in place for 15-20 minutes. Remove mask sheet and gentle massage the essence on face till absorbed.

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