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  • ELLIPS Hair Vitamin Nutri Color

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    Ellips Hair Vitamin Nutri Color

    Enriched with Moroccan oil and precious plant extracts, multiple nourishing ingredients improve maintenance power of hair. Capsule design is convenient to apply and carry.

    Product Features:
    • Nourishing: Enriched with vitamin E and nutrients, the precious Moroccan oil helps nourish and smooth hair, leaving a glowing look of your hair!
    • Repairing: Formulated with color retainer and Pro vit.B5, it can repair damaged hair and get rid of the fluffiness and dryness, maintaining luminous colored hair.
    • Refreshing scent: Gentle scent of sweet plum is refreshing and relaxing.

    • Moroccan Oil: Nourishing and improving radiance of hair
    • Vitamins, color retainer and Pro vit.B5: Smoothing the fluffiness and dryness of hair and maintaining colored hair