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SNP Bird's Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask 10pcs

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SNP Bird's Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask(25mlx10pcs)

The bestsellers of SNP masks give the best protection to the skin. Formulated with bird’s nest supplies enough water to reveal a dewy and clear skin.

Product Features:
• Moisturizing: 1000mg bird's nest extract deep moisturize the skin, lock the moisture around the eyes, leaving the skin supple and plump.
• Delicate Texture: It fits to the facial skin and relieves tightening.
• Elastic Essence: Infused with a delicate essence, it provides vitality to the skin so that the skin absorbs nutrients in deep.

• Hyaluronic Acid
• Bird's Nest Extract

How to use:
1. After washing your face, apply toner to soften the skin.
2. Take out the mask, paste on the face to cover the whole face.
3. After 10 - 20 minutes, take off the mask, gently massage the whole face, so that the rest of the essence can be fully absorbed by the skin.

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