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ISDG Natto Life 60Capsules

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ISDG Natto Life (60 Capsules)

A good pal to clean waste from blood vessels! These capsules are easy to consume as they do not carry the special favor of natto, which is a helpful supplement to maintain blood and vessel health.

Product Features:
• Gout-friendly: two capsules a day contains nattokinase enzymes as three packs pf natto. Free from vitamin K2 and purine, it is a healthier option than natto for some people.
• Improving health of blood vessels: the active nattokinase enzymes of two capsules reaches 4000FU, which is helpful in preventing hardness of blood vessels and lowering blood fat.
• Free from heavy favor: using capsules and removing the special favor of natto, it is more acceptable to the general public.

• Natto Extract: improving health of blood vessels.

How to use:
Twice a day, consume one capsule half an hour after meal.

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