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FINE Clam Extract with Liver Hydrolysate and Tumeric Premium 90pcs

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Fine Clam Extract with Liver Hydrolysate and Tumeric Premium (90PCS)

An effective liver protector! Enriched with Clam and Oyster Extract, this supplement helps to relieve tiredness of hangover and protect liver functions.

Product Features:
• Liver repair: formulated with clam and oyster extract, zinc yeast and other liver repair extract, it helps to detoxify and promote liver functions.
• Relieving alcohol damage: with turmeric extract, liver is protected from the damages of alcohol.
• Revitalizing body: this supplement is especially beneficial to people with unhealthy diet or drinking habits for recovering and energizing.

Ingredients :
• Clam and Oyster Extract: helping to promote liver health
• Turmeric Extract: protecting liver from alcohol damage

How to use:
3 – 6 capsules a day and consume with warm water.

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