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THE HISTORY OF WHOO Radiant Rejuvenating Emulsion 110ml

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 The history of Whoo Radiant Rejuvenating Emulsion (110ml)

The idea of this emulsion’s formula is based on the traditional palace secret formula, via the process of distillation; the Chinese medicine ingredients become more moderate. It helps the mature ladies to restore the young crystal clear skin.

Product Features:
• The thin texture can be absorbed by skin more easily.
• The precious royal secret beauty formula helps to solve and condition the skin troubles fundamentally.
• A variety of Chinese herbal medicines are extracted from the essence of the essence.

• Ginseng jade beads: To promote skin cell growth, improve skin tone
• Velvet powder bone: To improve immunity, promote blood circulation; improve skin dryness, lack of nutrition and other issues

How to use:
After applying the essence, take some of this product and put it on the face, starting from the centre, and eventually pat it with fingertips slightly to enhance absorption.