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Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

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Glamglow Supermud® Clearing Treatment

In just few minutes, this heroic deep cleansing mask improves common skin problems, such as large pores, pimples and blackheads, restoring skin back to its cleanest state.

Product Features:
● Smoothening skin: the six-acid blend contains 6 extraordinary gentle but effective AHA and BHA, which are effective in different layers of the skin to unclog pores.
● Purifying skin: K-17 clay and activated charcoal are useful in absorbing excess oil and impurities deep under the pores.
● Soothing skin: the eucalyptus leaves and other plant extracts help a lot in soothing and restoring skin.

Ingredients :
● Super Six-acid Blend: unclogging pores
● Activated charcoal and K-17 clay: removing impurities
● Extract from eucalyptus leaves: soothing skin