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(550 Capsules - Expiry Date: 31/1/2023)

Organic Nature Omega-3 Fish Oil 

Omega-3 fish oil of Organic Nature are extracted from the deep sea fish. It is natural and rich in nutrients. It can enhance memory and promote cardiac health, improve vision, lubricate joints. It is ideal for all ages.

Product Features:
● Improving eyesight and brain: Omega-3 is the essential nutrient for the brain and the eyes. They can replenish nutrients in the brain, help blood circulation, coordinate nerve function, enhance memory and vision as well. These nutrients can go through placenta and breast milk and be transmitted from mothers to the babies.
● Strengthening the heart and blood vessels: Excessive dietary fat and sugar would accumulate in liver and heart and trigger health problems. Fish oil can soften blood vessels, maintain blood vessels elasticity, eliminate undesirable substances within the blood vessels, hence promoting blood circulation.
● Lubricating joints: COX-2 is the main cause of joint pain. Fish oil can effectively reduce this substance in human body and hence relieve joint pain without any side effects.

Ingredients :
● Fish Oil: improving eyesight and brain