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ORGANIC NATURE Evening Primrose Oil 100Capsules

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(Expiry Date: 31/1/2023)

Organic Nature Evening Primrose Oil (100 Capsules)

Evening primrose mainly contains Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), which cannot be synthesized by the body. However, it is a very important fatty acid for health, such as restoring the vitality of cells and promoting blood circulation and metabolism. Otherwise, people will suffer from aging easily and body fat accumulation.

Product Features:
● Soothing discomfort from female cycle or menopause: containing linolenic acid, this oil is particularly suitable for women to relieve the common problems, such as periodic discomfort, headaches, chest pain, menopausal problems and nervousness, etc. It mainly helps to adjust female physiology.
● Improving skin quality: Linolenic acid also helps improving skin blemishes. It helps to retain moisture in skin cells, effectively improve dry skin, sensitive skin, and facial breakouts. It can alleviate rough skin and dark spots.
● Cold Pressed method: This method extracts high-quality GLA to better reserve the natural nutrients of evening primrose oil.

Ingredients :
● Evening Primrose Oil: relieving periodic discomfort