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Banila Co Covericious Power Fit Concealer Set 4 PCS

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Banila Co Covericious Power Fit Concealer Set (4PCS)

Natural and lightweight, this set contains a signature concealer and three puffs to promote flawless base makeup effortlessly.

The set contains:

Covericious Power Fit Concealer (#21 Peach) (5.5g)
Easy and friendly to makeup amateur, this bestselling concealer contains cica extract and moisturizing oil to conceal and cover seamlessly.

Product Features:
• Nourishing: containing pink cica complexing and nourishing oil, this concealer covers blemishes effectively without forming dry flakes.
• Lightweight texture: it is easy to smear without clogging pores. It is skin-friendly and fit for acne skin.

Puff (3PC)
Designed for cream-like base makeup products, this soft puff promotes natural and firm makeup finish. With fine and tiny pores, this puff will not waste the usage of the makeup product.

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Covericious Power Fit Concealer
• Pink Cica Complex: soothing and nourishing

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