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Belif The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb 75ML

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Belif The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb (75ml)

Single swipe replenishes dehydrated skin with abundance of moisture to improve dryness and roughness, creating smooth and watery skin.

Product Features :
• Moisturising : Various botanical extracts including Damascus rose, mash mallow, lady's mantle, marigold, etc. replenish moisture and plump skin. Tightness and dryness are improved to reveal dewy skin with continuous use.
• Revitalising : Hydrating ingredients retain moistures and form a protective film over skin, pumping youthful energy into skin.
• Skin-friendly : No added mineral oil, fragrance, colouring, etc. to ensure worry-free usage. Non-greasy cream texture allows easy absorption and is suitable for dry skin.

• Multiple Botanical Extracts:Replenishing Moisture, Softening
• Hydrating Ingredient:Hydrating

How to use:
Step1:Take an appropriate amount with cotton pad and apply on face
Step2:Apply an appropriate amount on neck
Step3:Lightly pat until fully absorbed

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