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  • Wooden Paddle Brush 1pc

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    Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

    Designed with air cushion and extended bristles to massage scalp, tiredness is relieved while detangling hair for a smooth look that lasts the whole day!

    Product Features :
    • Volumising : Rows of extended bristles arranged in alternate formation easily detangle hair, smoothing for a volumised look.
    • Relieving : Soft airt cushion massages scalp to ease tiredness. Venting holes on the lower part improves ventilation after washing to ensure hygiene.
    • Styling : Paired with blow-drying and styling, smooth and pretty hairstyles are easily created.

    How to use:
    Step1:Comb from hair root to top of the head and tidy hair, then comb and straighten hair
    Step2:Gently massage on scalp in circular motion, then use air cushion to press against scalp
    Step3:Use bristles to gently pat scalp, then comb and smoothen hair