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Cell Fusion C Calming Down Cream 50ML

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Cell Fusion C Calming Down Cream (50ml)

Designed for sensitive, fragile and hot skin, the specially formulated ingredients of this cream effectively provide cooling sensation, strengthen skin barrier and stabilising skin condition. Hydrating ingredient penetrates deep into skin for plumped skin.

Product Features:
• Calming: MICRO calming ingredient stabilizes sensitive and fragile skin from within, reducing heat and redness. Patented Azulenol™ (Azulene+Pycnogenol) cools down skin and reduces discomfort associated with season change.
• Stabilising: Red peptide evens and brightens skin tone, maintaining skin condition with reduced skin allergy and heat.
• Hydrating: The addition of hydrating ingredient supplemented by Centella Asiatica extract hydrates skin deep into skin and strengthens skin barrier to retain moistures for lasting plumpness. Ice-cream-like lightweight and spreadable texture is easily absorbed to keep face moisturized and fresh to reduce burden on sensitive and fragile skin.

• Azulene, Pycnogenol, MICRO calming ingredient: Cooling
• Red Peptide: Evening skin tone and stabilising skin
• Centella Asiatica Extract: Hydrating and strengthening skin barrier

How To Use :
Take an appropriate amount and apply on entire face after cleansing and toning, pat gently until fully absorbed.

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