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DR.G Hydra Aqua Intensive Cream 50ml

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Dr.G Hydra Aqua Intensive Cream (50ml)

Especially friendly to fragile and reddish skin, this intensive cream swiftly nourishes and hydrates skin for a supple and elastic skin condition.

Product Features:
• Instant and intensive hydration: with hydrating ingredient, this cream replenishes skin with rich moisture for a supple and smooth complexion.
• Skin-strengthening: with 17 amino acids and vitamin D, this cream forms a protective moisture veil on skin for constant nourishment.
• Gentle formula: with the gentle formula, this cream is lightweight and easy to penetrate fragile and sensitive skin for an elastic and nourishing complexion.

• Hydrating Ingredients: intensive hydration
• Amino Acids, Vitamin D: skin repairing and nourishing

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