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DR.G Hydra Aqua Comforting Emulsion 150ml

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Dr.G Hydra Aqua Comforting Emulsion (150ml)

11 types of hydrating formula acts together with 17 types of amino acids and Aquaxyl to penetrate deep into skin for dewy and energetic skin from inside out!

Product Features:
• Hydrating : 11 types of hydrating formula replenish moistures deep into skin with enhanced technologyto effectively improve dryness and boost energy.
• Tightening and Repairing : 17 types of amino acids with pH value similar to skin’s forms a protective film to densely tighten, repair and soothe skin, creating bouncy and plumped skin.
• Plumping : Dermobiotics aids enhancing moistures and hydration from within; keeping skin dewy and plumped.

• 11 types of Hydrating Formula:Hydrating
• 17 types of Amino Acids : Tightening and Repairing
• Dermobiotics:Enhancing hydrating power

How to use:
Step 1: Pump 3 times on cotton pad
Step 2: Spread on entire face along the curvature of face
Step 3: Lightly pat entirely face with palm to boost absorption

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