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  • Trio Solution Essence Smart Concentrate 30ml

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    Suisse Programme Trio Solution Essence Smart Concentrate (30ml)

    Trio Solution series is the signature skincare series of the Suisse Programme. This lotion helps to recover and maintain skin in a balanced state with Aqua Magnet and moisturizing plant extracts while leaving the skin visibly moisturized and radiant!

    Product Features:
    • Trio Solution: Enriched with prebiotic, probiotic and post-biotic, this lotion helps to improve the strength and resistance of skin while maintaining balance for skin condition.
    • Long lasting moisturizer: Added aqua magnet, this lotion can moisturize your skin deeply, appearing to be revitalized and hydrated!
    • Lightweight texture: the silky texture is fast-absorbing for a smooth and glowing skin.

    • Pre-biotic: maintaining balance for skin
    • Pro-biotic: strengthening skin
    • Post-biotic: protecting skin from external aggressions
    • Aqua Magnet: long lasting moisturizer for skin