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NUTRI D-DAY Diet Shake Happymix 14pcs

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Nutri D-Day Diet Shake Happymix (14PCS)

Delicious diet shakes from Korea! These are not only tasteful, but also nutritious, which are good helpers on the journey of weight control!

Product Features:
• Rich in nutrients: with 35% of soy protein, 8 vitamins, 4 minerals and dietary fiber, this shake is nutritious and provides a sensation of fullness.
• Low-calories: free from artificial preservatives, each pack of low-calories shake contains around 85-90 calories, which is a good friend during weight loss and keeping fit.
• Flavorsome: different favors are available, such as coffee latte, cocoa chocolate, mint chocolate and cookies n cream, which are sweet and tasteful.

• Dietary Fiber: helpful in digestion
• 35% Soya Protein: promoting fullness

How to use:
1-2 packs a day for breakfast or dinner. Add 200ml of milk/soya milk/water. Shake well and drink.