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SIMPLY MCT Golden Latte Enzyme Powder 8pcs

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Simply MCT Golden Latte Enzyme Powder (15g x 8)

Taken the world by storm, this golden latte combines with MCT Bulletproof formula, 176 types of fruit and vegetable enzymes, turmeric extract and African Mango soluble fiber to boost metabolism. Brew a cup conveniently in 15 seconds!

Product Features:
• Intestinal Health: 176 types of fruit and vegetables enzymes are carefully selected to assure quality to boost bowel movement for a healthy intestinal environment and increasing metabolism.
• Sliming: Short-chain fatty acid in MCT Bulletproof formula increases metabolism. Patented African mango soluble fiber reduces hunger to prevent excessive calorie intake. Patented turmeric ingredient speeds up metabolism and tunes body, achieving weight loss through a balanced diet.
• Convenient: Independent pack is travel-friendly. Brew a cup with simple stirring for 15 seconds in water.

Ingredients :
• 176 types of Fruit and Vegetable Enzymes: Boosting bowel movement and metabolism
• Bulletproof Formula: Increasing metabolism
• Patented African Mango Soluble Fiber: Reducing hunger
• Patented Citrus and Guarana Mediterranean Formula, Patented Turmeric Ingredient: Boosting metabolism and tuning body

How to use:
Pour one sachet into warm water and stir well before consuming. Once daily.