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SVELTY Pakkun Yeast 120 Tablets

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Svelty Pakkun Yeast (120 Tablets)

A savior before big meals! Formulated with Liposan and Yeast for faster breakdown of fat, sugar and carbohydrates, this supplement is good for people who have heavy and unhealthy diets.

Product Features:
• Faster breakdown: it helps to breakdown oil, sugar and carbohydrates with a faster speed, which makes the supplement an easier way for keeping fit.
• Long-lasting effects: the effect of this yeast can last for 24 hours, promoting faster digestion of fat and detoxification.
• Suitable people: it is good for people who dine out a lot and with oily, unbalanced and unhealthy diets.

• Yeast, Liposan: helping to block oil, sugar and carbohydrates absorption
How to use:
4 tablets a day before the largest meal.