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  • HERMES Matte Lipstick 3.5g

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    (64 Rouge Casaque/85 Rouge H - Expiry Date: 31/5/2023)


    Hermès Rouge Hermes, Matte Lipstick (#85 Rouge H) (3.5g)

    Choosing different colors from scarf and leather of the brand to create this exclusive makeup collection. The matte and velvety texture contains high concentration of color, painted your lips with elegance.

    Product Features:
    ● Exquisite color: this signature color of the brand is a blend of the brown and dark red, verging on burgundy. The matte finish is sophisticated and long-lasting.
    ● Luxurious texture and scent: the velvety and powdery texture is smooth and nourishing, gliding on lips effortlessly to create a profound finish. Adding the scent of sandalwood and other herbal hints, the lip makeup experience is extraordinary.
    ● Delicate design: the matte tube is designed by the Pierre Hardy, the creative director of the jewelry collection of the brand. Coated with copper-like texture and classic black and white, the design is remarkable and luxurious.

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