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EO YUNG GAM(HAN BANG) Vitality Balancing Emulsion 150ml

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Eoyunggam Youth Vitality Balancing Emulsion (150ml)

This balancing emulsion softens and refines skin with rich moisture to leave skin dewy, supple and smooth. Blended with Camellia Japonica Flower Extract with anti-oxidant energy to brings a healthy and soft complexion. Perfect for daily use to revive youthful and well-balanced skin.

Product Features:
• Improving skin resilience: enriched with the oriental detoxification formula and tea extract, skin is protected against oxidation and damages from free radicals. Skin is free from external stimuli and damages.
• Nourishing: with the patented technology, nutrients of the golden ginseng are well preserved which is rich in high-quality of ginsenoside to nourish and rejuvenate skin.
• Silky texture: the delicate and lightweight texture penetrates skin fast to balance moisture and oil of skin and reveals a smooth and supple complexion.

• Longan Extract: revitalizing skin
• Oriental Detoxification Formula: improving skin resilience
• Oriental Tea Extract: anti-oxidant