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DHC Adlay Extract 30 Capsules

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DHC Adlay Extract 30 Capsules

Natural brightening power from coix seed! With high concentration of coix seed, skin is replenished with rich nutrients, revealing a radiant and translucent complexion.

Product Features:
● Improving skin condition: vitamin E is powerful in anti-oxidizing and preventing skin dullness, leaving skin free from pores and dark spots, becoming bright and dewy.
● Boosting body metabolism: enriched with extra coix seed, which is rich in vitamins and minerals to boost body and skin metabolism, this supplement helps to beatify skin and removes excess water from body.
● Beatifying effects: suitable for those who want to have bright skin and care about body shape.

Ingredients :
● Coix Seed: rich in minerals, hence boosting metabolism and beautifying skin
● Vitamin E: improving skin dullness

How to use :
Consume 1 capsule a day with lukewarm water.

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