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  • INNISFREE Forest for Men Fresh Skin 180ml

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    Innisfree Forest for Men Fresh Skin (180ml)

    A refreshing and nourishing toner with black yeast, helping to nourish, firm and revitalize! It also promotes effects for the subsequent skincare and leaves skin stabilized.

    Product Features:
    • Stabilizing skin condition: enriched with black yeast, skin becomes more resilient and stable, promoting a revitalized skin condition.
    • Smoothening and tightening: it can prevent excess sebum and tighten pores, leaving skin smooth and delicate.
    • Lightweight texture: the texture is mess-free and fast-absorbing, helping to replenish moisture to skin swiftly.
    • Black Yeast: building skin protective veil
    • Naturally Derived Alcohol: tightening pores and smoothening