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SK-II Skinpower Essence 50ml

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SK-II Skinpower Essence (50ml)

Formulated with the supercharging Infinitpower Technology, this upgrade version of essence contains a blend of powerful ingredients, such as Pitera™ and extracts from Lilies and Dokudami, skin hence becomes plumper, smoother and more translucent.

Product Features:
● Powerful Pitera™:inspired from yeast’s renewal power, the abundant vitamins, minerals and amino acids are outstanding in activating skin power from within.
● Supple and soft: with precious plant essences, such as Lilies and Peony, skin is nourished and protected from external stressors, promoting the delicacy and healthiness of youthful skin.
● Fast-absorbing: the texture is nourishing but non-greasy, while its soothing effect is beneficial in calming and balancing skin.

● Pitera™: moderating skin's natural renewal cycle and strengthening skin
● Quercetin, Calla Lily Extract: nourishing

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