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Cle De Peau The Serum

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Clé de Peau The Serum 

The first step of skincare is to activate skin cells! This serum is enriched with the brand-new ingredient – Kelplex, using three kinds of powerful renewing algaes to strengthen and rejuvenating cells!

Product Features:
● Activating skin cells: a new complex of the brand – Kelplex is introduced. The power from red, brown and green algae stimulates the production of skin cells, hence promotes suppler and more radiant skin.
● Defending skin: enriched with precious natural ingredients, such as anti-oxidant tea extract, brightening Japanese pearl extract and skin-stabilizing Angelica sinensis. The health of skin is improved and resilient to external stressors.
● Lightweight texture: the silky and fluidic texture nourishes skin fast. In addition of the skin penetrating technology, the absorption is fast and promotes the effects of the subsequent skincare.

● Kelplex: revitalizing skin
● Skin-Empowering Illuminator: defending skin

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