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Freeplus Oil Serum Cleansing 100ml

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Freeplus Oil Serum Cleansing (100ml)

Specially designed cleansing oil for dry and fragile skin, the beauty essence in the formula leaves skin soothed, smooth and soft after cleansing.

Product Features:
• Effective cleansing: using amino acid oil and other essence oils to remove oil-soluble makeup and dirt, skin is cleansed without being rubbed and tightened.
• Nourishing: formulated with different plant extracts, such as honeysuckle, licorice lea, perill, ashitaba, tangerine peel, peach kernel, coix seed, skin is nourished and soothed.
• Gentle formula: it is free from alcohol and mineral oils, which are friendly to fragile and delicate skin.

• Amino Acid, Beauty Essence Oil: effective cleansing
• Beauty Essence, Oriental Plant Extracts: soothing and nourishing