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  • Magic Body Sheet (Lime to Peach) 10pcs

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    Bioré Magic Body Sheet (Lime to Peach) (10pc)

    Wipe off sweat and odor, keep your skin refresh all day long. This Magic Body Sheet can wipe off the sweaty sticky feeling and bring long-lasting refreshing effect to your skin with pleasant fragrance. It is a must have item for all occasions.

    Product Features:
    • It keeps your skin refresh with fragrance to solve the sweaty smell caused by sweat and bacteria.
    • Contains a transparent talcum powder that does not leave white powder mark when used.
    • This full body application wet towel design is easy to carry and apply to solve sweat odor at any time and any place.

    Transparent talcum powder: Keep your skin dry and clean.

    How to use:
    Take out the magic body sheet and wipe the sweating position.