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FAIRY DROPS Hyper Quattro Mascara Film-Type #Black

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Fairy Drops Hyper Quattro Mascara Film-Type (#Black) (1PC)

Specially-designed bristle to catch short and scarce lashes, volumizing natural-looking extended curls. Paired with Fairy Complex™ formula, nourishing the lashes while putting on make-up simultaneously.

Product Features:
• Reaching all lashes: The bristle of the patented 4-cobble wand reaches every single strand of lashes from root to tip, enabled by its carefully designed shape, curvature and density.
• 3D volumizing: Enhanced formula with rich wax base coating, lightweight fibres are quickly applied perfectly onto lashes for a volumious look that imitates the effects of that of fake eyelashes
• Long-lasting effect: Lashes are constantly nourished through repeated application with 15 Fairy Complex™ essences while being resistant to water, sweat, sebum and friction that holds long

• Nourishing formula containing 15 Fairy Complex™ essences: replenishes nutrients and conditioning lashes
• Lightweight Fibre: natural looking extension