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Mistine Super Model Miracle Lash Mascara 5.5G

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【Mistine Super Model Miracle Lash Mascara (Black) 5.5g】

Super Model Miracle Lash Mascara combines extend and repairing functions for the eyelashes. One side of the dual-ended is a white fiber stick. It adhere the fiber to your original eyelashes and provides an extended and dense effect which is lightweight and natural, and then you can sweeps on the other side, the velvety mascara with hollow particle formula and nourishing essence formula on the eyelashes, offering a super curled make up effect while repairing eyelashes at the same time. It is easy to create the big, doll-like eyes with this miracle mascara!

feature of product:
● The high concentration of Lash Multiplier formula can rebuild the strong texture of eyelashes, repair damage, and make eyelashes more dense and thick.
● Japanese imported plant fibers effectively make eyelashes overlap with amazing extended length.
● The curved brush head comes along with the smart film technology, carbon black polymer and hollow particle formulas, can easily achieves curling shape of eyelashes , and is not easy to agglomerate. The makeup effect can lasts all day long.

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● Lash Multiplier formula: Strength the eyelashes, repairing.
● Hollow particle formula: Enhance curling shape of eyelashes.

How To Use:
1 Using the mascara brush, to brush one or two layers up from the root of the eyelashes.
2 Use the white fiber brush to apply fiber to the front of the eyelashes.
3 Using the mascara brush again, start from the middle of the eyelashes and cover the white fibers.

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