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  • POLA B.A. The Liquid 12 bottles

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    Pola B.A. The Liquid (20ml x 12 bottles)

    B.A. The Liquid is a popular supplement in Pola. The anti-aging supplement speeds up metabolism and reduces the appearance of blood vessels. You can see a supple and bright look after completing the treatment.

    B.A. The Liquid removes the material from the fundamental metabolic saccharification to accelerate metabolism, thus creating an even and bright complexion from the inside of body.

    You can drink in the moisturizing ingredients directly to recover the ability of retaining moisture of cells.

    Pola is one of the top 3 cosmetic brands in Japan. Devoting in inventing beauty technology, the brand has gained international recognition.

    • Grape leaf: whitening, brightening
    • Mugwort: calming

    How To Use:
    Consume one bottle per night. Shake gently before drinking. Pregnant women and lactating mothers are advised to consult doctors before consuming.