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  • NEOGENCE Aqua Burst Brightening Mask

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    Neogence Aqua Burst Brightening Mask (5 pcs)

    Aqua Burst Series for delicate skin! With Neogence brightening formula and natural permeable membrane, the essence penetrates deeply into the bottom of the skin, leaving skin translucent with radiance.

    Product features:
    Neogence developed a brightening formula, infused with Berry extract, Vitamin C and Glutathione, that can effectively improve dullness and smooth black blemishes, leaving a radiant and translucent complexion.
    Natural fiber permeable membrane can lock in essence and fit perfectly on the face with breathable and comfortable skin touch.
    Carrying 17 times the concentrated essence to penetrate deeply into the bottom of the skin, greatly improving the moisturizing power.

    Berry extract, Vitamin C and Glutathione: improving dullness and enhancing radiance

    How to use:
    Step1: After daily skincare routine, take out the mask, apply it to the face, leave it for 10-15 minutes.
    Step2: Take off the mask and gently massage the face until the essence is absorbed.