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La Colline Nativage Set 4PCS

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La Colline NativAge Set (4PCS)

Enriched with the exclusive CMAGE® complex and Cell Life Extender, this set of 4 hides the secret of age by restricting the activities of free radicals. Skin is firmed and lifted, revealing a healthy and youthful complexion.

The set contains:

NativAge Le Sérum (10ml)

This intensive serum is enriched with extra Cell Life Extender, which prominently restricts the activity of the free radicals to prevent skin ageing. It is lightweight and fast-absorbing, leaving skin refreshing and smooth.

NativAge La 'Essence (10ml)

A pure concentrate developed by the brand scientists to reveal fuller, suppler and firmer skin. Formulated with Endo-Skin Technology, it highly boosts the production of collagens and hyaluronic acids to promote skin elasticity.

NativAge La Crème Contour des Yeux (15ml)

A creamy and nourishing eye cream that carries extraordinary lifting and radiance effects with the composition of anti-ageing CMAGE® Complex and Cell Life Extender. With constant use, wrinkles and fine lines are highly reduced, creating more youthful eyes!

strong>NativAge La Crème (50ml)

Thoughtfully designed, this cream is nourishing and promoting resilient skin to fight against external stimuli, leaving skin firm and lifted. Formulated with the reflective micro-particles, skin appears to be shimmering and flawless.

Common Ingredients:
• CMAGE® Complex: nourishing and anti-oxidant
• Cell Life Extender: fighting against free radicals and anti-ageing

NativAge La Cure
• Endo-Skin Technology: boosting production of collagens and hyaluronic acids.

Nativage La Crème Contour des Yeux
• Reflective Micro-Particles: covering blemishes and shimmering
• Sinetrol: revitalizing skin
• Oat Protein: enhancing skin elasticity
• Caffeine: reducing eye puffiness

Nativage La Crème
• Reflective Micro-Particles: covering blemishes and shimmering

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