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  • SUISKIN Vegan Creamy Feminine Wash

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    Suiskin Vegan Creamy Feminine Wash (200ml)

    Suiskin Creamy Feminine Wash is infused with Green Apple Cider Vinegar that can gently womens sensitive skin and soothe irritated Y-zone. Vegan Probiotics can also improve skin health.

    Product features:
    • Formulated with ingredients that match the 4.5 pH of the vagina, it safely cleans vulnerable areas such as the vulva without disrupting vaginal flora and pH value, and controls itching and irritation.
    • Using fermented fruit vinegar extracted from fresh green apples, the vegan-certified formula contains polyphenols, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to care for sensitive and weak skin, and to gently remove sweat and odor.
    • Vegan probiotics derived from grapes contain vitamins, small molecular protein peptides, amino acids, etc., which can increase skin elasticity, resist oxidation, and strengthen skin barrier.

    • Green Apple Cider Vinegar: Care for sensitive and weak skin, gently removes sweat and odor
    • Vegan Probiotics: Increases skin elasticity, antioxidants and strengthens skin barrier